Daak Bunglow Road, Midnapore,West Bengal

Mission and Vission  

Our Mission : Our School cherishes academic rigor, encourages and praises meaningful individual education and fosters virtues. Our independent education prepares young pupil for life long learning and for lives of purpose and service. 

Our Vision : We envision that DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL MIDNAPORE will be a thriving, dynamic and inspiring educational environment, so that every student will achieve his/her maximum potential.  Based on an engaging, standard curriculum, we provide a relevant, high quality education and  stimulate socio, emotional and physical development of all students. We perceive cultural, sports and students leadership domains to be as important as academics. We focus on nurturing young minds who will practice the core values of the school respect, tolerance, self discipline so that they can be responsible and productive citizen of tomorrow, can contribute to the global  world and become pioneers in protecting the mother earth.  

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Daak Bunglow Road, Midnapore,
District Paschim Midnapore, 
West Bengal.
E-mail : [email protected] 
Phone : 9732326097
Website : www.davmidnapore.org

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